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Your trusted source for premium horse supplements. We also provide a range of premium dog joint supplements, and have now included a range of Protein Powder, and health supplements for the fitness and health conscious enthusiasts. So whether you are a fitness enthusiast, looking to improve your health and wellness or an animal lover who wants to provide the best nutrition and supplements to help support an active lifestyle and vitality, we have you covered.

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Horses have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I came from a dressage background and a few years back decided I wanted to give the sport of reining a try. Let's just say there is no going back. I love this sport. It looks easier than what it is to learn, but everday I just work on being a better version of us. A few years ago I became unwell,,,, long story short , that is how I found Pemf therapy. Natural health for horses and myself became an obsession. I felt my illness was caused from being exposed to so many toxins and stress throughout my life. My body was so inflamed. Fast forward and Skye (my performance horse - reining mare) and I enjoy health from the inside. Feeling energised every day is a gift we embrace . Our bodies are our temples so it is important we take care of them. Thankyou for supporting our family owned and run business. Take a look around our website and feel free to reach out if I can be of any help.

Much love

Shannon xx

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Hoof abscesses develop when bacteria become trapped between the laminae and the hoof wall or sole. The bacteria produce pus, which builds up and c...

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